Sorry for the website downtime!

First we had issues with the DNS because of the domain hoster which changed things without notifying us. (great job!). It took us some time to resolve the issue because CrazyEddie's e-mail was not reachable because it was part of this domain and this was the only contact we had of him. I took a while until we found some other e-mail of his, after days of stalking him using search engines.

Btw., in cases like this it is good to check our twitter for updates:

After we had resolved our issues we noticed that our site may still contain backdoors (from the drupal hack-wave in october 2014) and we actually found malicious files there as well as an altered google cache, manipulated php files and finally decided to completely roll back our entire database by months and re-add all news manually. This whole process took us a while. I did the finishing touches today, so everything is up again.

On a completely different note: We are going to remove mantis and move all tickets to the bitbucket issue tracker. In the future users can file tickets there. We believe this will be better for our users.