We lied!

But not about the existance of magic, which definitely is reality.

Current CEGUI developments and future plans

We are currently working on improving CEGUI 1.0 (current default branch) to bring CEGUI to the next level by upgrading core code using C++11 features, by improving the API design for easier and more inituitive use, by resolving naming issues and by adding features that will make everyday CEGUI usage easier. We will also in time improve the official API docu, which we consider crucial for the Release of 1.0.

To summarise our current developments and goals for 1.0:

CEGUI tutorial videos by MakingGamesWithBen

The channel MakingGamesWithBen on youtube recently posted this awesome guide on how to install/build CMake and go through the entire build process on Windows. Every CEGUI that every beginner should watch this video!

I also just added this video to the Getting Started section with some extra information - check it out. And don't forget to follow Ben's future videos, it seems like he got more interesting videos coming up on CEGUI!

CEGUI (0.8.5) will have new OpenGL ES 2 Renderer: Support for OpenGL ES 2.X and OpenGL ES 3.X and Epoxy (alternatively to GLEW)!

User Yaron Cohen-Tal provided us with a new contribution (PR link here) adding OpenGL ES 2 and OpenGL ES 3 support via a new Renderer (OpenGL ES Renderer). This is a good base for Android, iOS, etc support!

CEGUI samples running in your web browser (javascript based)!

User "iceiceice" took the CEGUI library and the Samples using OpenGL3 Core Profile Renderer and ported them to OpenGL ES2. This way he could use them with emscripten, making it possible to run CEGUI in your browser.

More Info here:

This is the link to the result: Try it out, it works really well!


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