Paid Support

Members of the CEGUI team may be interested in contractor work. You can inquire about this by emailing us. Rates depend on individual arrangements.

name expertise timezone availability contact
Martin "Kulik" Preisler
  • CEED
  • Ogre3D
  • Qt4+
  • Porting codebases to Linux
  • Blog
  • LinkedIn
CEST ~= GMT+2 not available
Lukas "Ident" Meindl
  • CEGUI (application engineering, modifications, adaptions, as well as helping with creation of CEGUI assets: skinning of widgets (Look n' Feel), layouts, imagesets)
  • CEGUI Renderers: OpenGL3 and Direct3D11 (latest version)
  • Graphics Programming (very proficient with OpenGL 3.2+ Core Profile, but also familiar with Direct3D11 and Ogre3D)
  • Can enhance CEGUI SVG support (currently implemented only at a basic level)
  • Very proficient with Visual Studio and C++ programming on Windows
CEST ~= GMT+2 available