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  • User:Crazyeddie - project lead, project creator, programmer, wizard in his spare time
  • User:Kulik - programmer (focus on all parts of CEGUI, especially the CEGUI Animation features, Unix support), CEED creator, GSoC mentor
  • User:Ident (Lukas Meindl) - programmer (focus on the Renderers for OpenGL, OpenGL 3.2+ Core Profile, Direct3D11 and Ogre Renderer, as well as the CEED Look n' Feel Editor, Windows/Visual Studio support, the ColourPicker widget), also reviews mustard in his spare time
  • User:Timotei - programmer (focus on the non-focus, new input system, new model-view widgets, SDK builder)
  • User:YaronCT (Yaron Cohen-Tal) - programmer.