How to install CEGUI 0.7.5 With Code::Blocks 10.5

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Welcome to the Crazy Eddys GUI System install guide For Code::Blocks 10.5

There are 3 main things you must do

1) Download the binary SDK package

2) Install it in the C:/ Directory

3) Link and Add Search Directorys to Code::Blocks 10.5

So how do we do this very simply :)

Go to this Download link --> [1]

Let it download its about 101MBs in size so it can take a while

Once its downloaded click and extract into a folder called CEGUI in the:

C:/ Directory(You may have to make a folder yourself just click add new folder)

Once you have done that open up code::blocks 10.5 and go to settings at the top and click on:

Compiler and Debugger

1) Once in there click on Search Directories

2) Add the include lib, bin paths which are in the dependencies folders in this path structure C:/CEGUI/CEGUI/Dependencies

 Then go to linker settings in Code::Blocks 10.5 and go to  Compiler and Debugger and add -CEGUIBase to the linker options

i also forgot to mention that you must add CEGUI to your Search Directorys my bad! If you have any problems just watch the video

im gunna update this with pictures very soon