Porting tips and changes from 0.7.X to 0.8.X

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This is work in progress, so while this page will be kept as up-to-date as possible, what you read here on any given day will never be definitive and is subject to further change until such time as a stable release is made. There are no current download packages contain the code this page relates to; this code is only available from the cegui_mk2/trunk directory in the subversion repository (see HOWTO: Obtain the library source from subversion.

Name this section

  • PropertyHelper has been turned into a template class, instead of PropertyHelper::uintToString you do PropertyHelper<uint>::toString, instead of PropertyHelper::stringToUint you do PropertyHelper<uint>::fromString
  • All instances of the word caret that were incorrectly spelt 'carat' have been corrected. This affects all APIs, properties, events and datafiles.
  • Window::EventWindowUpdated renamed to Window::EventUpdated and the associated string is changed from "WindowUpdate" to "Updated"
  • ListHeader::SegmentNameSuffix changed type from character array to CEGUI::String
  • EventMouseEnters renamed to EventMouseEntersSurface (old name removed)
  • EventMouseLeaves renamed to EventMouseLeavesSurface (old name removed)