CEED snapshot8

New snapshot has been released. Archives provide testing sample data with CEGUI 0.7 and CEGUI 1.0 datafiles (CEGUI 1.0 has since been "renamed" to 0.8).

There have been 35 issues fixed from the last snapshot7. The goal of the release was to provide a more reliable and better performing application. The resources load way faster, the logging slowdown has been fixed. There have been some user experience improvements as well, including the ability to change background of embedded CEGUI to a checkerboard. This is also the first release that supports CLI options for ceed-gui.

Grab the source tarball, Windows standalone binaries or OSX application bundle at


- 0000821: [Imageset editing] saving to the imagefile (from adobe photoshop) while ceed is open leads to an exception (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000823: [General] Editing colours in the main CEED preferences renders the entire app unresponsive (CrazyEddie) - resolved.
- 0000820: [Animation editing] Enable zooming in the animation preview (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000589: [Layout editing] Resolution settings do not persist in a project (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000818: [General] Support "negative zoom" (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000817: [Imageset editing] Support editing of the new autoScaled values (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000586: [Imageset editing] Zoom should be on mouse wheel + ctrl (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000760: [Compatibility layers] Get all compat layers checked using XSD for verification (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000812: [Layout editing] Copying widget to its parent triggers an exception (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000811: [General] Offer -debug argument to verbosely output to terminal (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000806: [Animation editing] Always destroy the temporary animation instance when finalising animation editing (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000804: [Layout editing] Checkerboard background as an option for layout editing (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000801: [General] Provide CLI parameters to open a project, load files, etc.. to ceed-gui (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000802: [CLI tools] Metaimageset compiler outputs version 1 imageset (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000800: [General] Reopen tabs requiring a project opened after resources are reloaded (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000799: [Layout editing] Optionally hide nested auto windows if they don't contain any non-auto window descendants (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000797: [Compatibility layers] Version checks parse the entire data using DOM, we should use SAX instead (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000795: [Project management] Reloading all resources probably leaks (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000798: [General] Logging gets slower as more messages get logged (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000796: [General] Speed up loading by using cElementTree instead of ElementTree (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000786: [Project management] Make sure to save portable paths (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000540: [Layout editing] Support for ScrollablePane and other widgets that put children into __auto_content_pane__ or similar (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000790: [Imageset editing] Imageset Editing Window mini-preview of images has white background (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000787: [Compatibility layers] Core/SystemButton related issues (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000792: [Layout editing] Segfault related to opening and closing projects (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000782: [General] CEGUI 0.8 should read 1.0 (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000767: [Project management] Exception raised when opening a project file and CEED is on a different drive than data (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000770: [Compatibility layers] Warn when opened file is incompatible with project's target CEGUI (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000780: [Project management] Remove project name (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000777: [Project management] Force the ".project" extension when creating a new project (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000779: [Compatibility layers] CEGUI/Checkbox target type got renamed to CEGUI/ToggleButton (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000768: [Layout editing] Could not Input Chinese Text ? (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000819: [Imageset editing] Changing imageset image doesn't remove it from the filesystem watcher (Kulik) - closed.
- 0000757: [Compatibility layers] Compatibility layers only take the "value" attribute into account when migrating image reference values (Kulik) - closed.
- 0000766: [General] Offer newbie help when no tabs are opened (Kulik) - closed.


CEED snapshot7

New snapshot has been released. Archives provide testing sample data with CEGUI 0.7 and CEGUI 0.8 datafiles.

There have been 29 issues fixed from the last snapshot6. The most remarkable change is probably the new property set inspector by Pavlos Toubolidis and initial animation editing (though it's just a tech preview for now, expect issues!).

Grab the source tarball, Windows standalone binaries or OSX application bundle (experimental) at

Known issues:
Due to refactoring changes in CEGUI related to Checkbox, ToggleButton and Radiobox, there may be issues when loading layouts with any of them.
Animation editor often crashes when closing it.


- 0000523: [Animation editing] Reusable timeline (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000709: [Documentation] Create a user manual about what's implemented and won't be changed in the near future (cca 6 months) (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000759: [Documentation] Create a developer manual (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000761: [Imageset editing] Imagesets are serialised as version 2 but the version attribute is missing (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000756: [Layout editing] Fix 0.7 layout compatibility (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000758: [Layout editing] Live preview is broken because of GUI context changes in CEGUI (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000753: [General] Add compatibility layers for CEGUI scheme versions 4 and 5 (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000752: [General] Use the compatibility machinery for imagesets when loading project resources (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000754: [General] Use the compatibility machinery for fonts when loading project resources (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000755: [Compatibility layers] ceed-migrate is broken beyond belief (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000751: [Imageset editing] Add compatibility support for imageset version 1 and 2, fix imageset editor (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000750: [General] Fix CEED to work with latest CEGUI GUI context additions (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000692: [General] Implement revert file (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000695: [Layout editing] Trying to save when layout isn't opened (because no project has been opened) throws an exception (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000731: [Layout editing] Use absolute positions and sizes by default (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000630: [Layout editing] Undoing while editing a property won't notify the property editor to update it's value to the undone value (pav) - resolved.
- 0000491: [General] Property inspecting systems reworking (pav) - resolved.
- 0000705: [Layout editing] Falagard properties being serialized as PropertyDefinitions, wtf?! (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000668: [Layout editing] Ember GUI data project is loaded but all layouts are black (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000704: [General] Attempting to bind a shortcut results in an exception (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000703: [General] Add FPS to CEGUI Debug Info (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000702: [Animation editing] Exception thrown when animation editor is initialised with no project opened (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000696: [General] Dumping CEGUI log into stdout is not a good idea! (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000701: [General] The application doesn't remember it's geometry and state (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000700: [General] CEED crashes when quitting and project requiring tabs are opened with changes (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000698: [General] Inject real time pulses to make "ambient" animations work in layout editor (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000697: [General] Saving layouts with no root widget raises an exception if compatibility layers are used (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000706: [Layout editing] Image field not taking input (Kulik) - closed.
- 0000555: [General] Gesture scrolling in MacOSX zooms in imageset and layout editing modes (Kulik) - closed.


CEGUI 0.7.6

We are pleased to announce the seventh release of Crazy Eddie's GUI System from the v0-7 stable branch. This release is quite important since it fixes quite a few bugs from 0.7.5, though - as always - we've also managed to fit a few new bits in there for you too.

One thing related to this release is of major significance, and that is the fact that there are no precompiled binary SDKs; to use this version of CEGUI and all future versions, you will be required to compile the library yourselves - using the appropriate options and other libraries that you wish to use. There are many reasons this decision was taken, the biggest reason is that we really do not use Windows for development any more, and as such making SDKs is a major chore for us. The other reason is that SDKs go out of date too fast as regards to versions of certain other libraries, and as soon as that happens we're left with a support nightmare for months on end until a new release can be put out. I will add that we would be happy for community members to produce binary packages for their chosen compiler, and we would be happy for links to those to appear on the main download pages - although clearly marked as community supplied and community supported.

The following packages are available for immediate download:
Crazy Eddie's GUI System 0.7.6 source code (.zip file)
Crazy Eddie's GUI System 0.7.6 source code (.tar.gz file)

Crazy Eddie's GUI System 0.7.6 Documentation package (.zip file)
Crazy Eddie's GUI System 0.7.6 Documentation package (.tar.gz file)

CEGUI 0.7.x-r2 precompiled dependencies for MSVC++ 2005 (with SP1 + ATL fix) (.zip file)
CEGUI 0.7.x-r2 precompiled dependencies for MSVC++ 2008 (with SP1) (.zip file)
CEGUI 0.7.x-r3 precompiled dependencies for MSVC++ 2010 (.zip file)
CEGUI 0.7.x precompiled dependencies for Apple Mac OS X (32 bit Universal) (.zip file)
CEGUI 0.7.x-r1 precompiled dependencies for MinGW (.zip file) (experimental / unsupported)

As always, we hope everybody finds this release useful, use the CEGUI Forums if you require support, and please remember to post your CEGUI log file!


Release 0.7.6
- Bug Fix: Backported the TinyXML API version check and related code conditionals from default (cmake) branch to here (autotools).
- Bug Fix: Make ScrolledContainer not issue the content changed notification when in the destruction phase. This fixes issues in clients of ScrolledContainer that respond to this notification. Via patch from Erik Ogenvik.
- Bug Fix: include of cstddef header was missing for ptrdiff_t useage. see: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=5546
- Bug Fix: remove incorrect instances of 'size_t' from lua package files. See:
- Bug Fix: Ensure MCL keeps selection in single-select mode(s).
- Bug Fix: Issue where empty variable would break configure script.
- Bug Fix: Python detection should firstly not specify an exact version, and secondly should look for 2.7 as a possible version.
- Bug Fix: make.bat file for regenerating the lua binding on Windows had the wrong output path
- Bug Fix: Apply patch from ianstangoe to save/restore viewport and projection matrix in Ogre renderer. See:
- Bug Fix: Some include guards were incorrect.
- Bug Fix: Remove offset from label area in Vanilla/Button that was throwing off centred text. This issue is what originated this ticked:
- Bug Fix: Resolve issue where content attached to a FrameWindow that is initially in the 'rolled up' state does not immediately display when the FrameWindow is subsequently unrolled.
- Bug Fix: Add bounds checking to ensure clipping regions will always be valid as scissor rects (all sides >=0). Insurance against future like this one:
- Bug Fix: resolve issue where a totally clipped Window attached to a parent with a RenderingWindow surface would generate an invalid clipping rect for it's GeometryBuffer. This is the likely source of the issues in this ticket:
- Bug Fix: Ensure GeometryBuffer clip rects are initialised to something when creating those objects.
- Bug Fix: issue where '0' was tested as a default mouse cursor value instead of MouseCursorImageLLDefaultMouseCursor (-1)
- Bug Fix: resolve issue I introduced which could set mouse image to address -1 and cause a seg fault.
- Bug Fix: Resolve issue where FrameWindow::isTitleBarEnabled and
- Bug Fix: FrameWindow::isCloseButtonEnabled used inherited state thus causing incorrect image and incorrect inner rect areas to be used when FrameWindow was disabled.
- Bug Fix: Resolve issue where initial call of MouseCursor::constrainPosition would access uninitialised d_position member variable.
- Bug Fix: Detect __HAIKU__ as a *nix variant. Thanks to michaelvoliveira for a patch.
- Bug Fix: Issue where Window::setMouseCursor did not update the cursor image immediately if the cursor was already within the window's area.
- Bug Fix: Issue where we would try to (re)create Tooltip as part of system destruction when WindowManager is in locked state.
- Bug Fix: ScrolledContainer should pass mouse events back to it's parent in order that things like mouse scroll wheel works.
- Bug Fix: Divisoin by zero / NaN issue with slider where the thumb would end up never getting a correct position. Thanks to Erik Hjortsberg.
- Bug Fix: Resolve issue where a destroyed window could leave references to it's GeometryBuffer in some RenderingSurface queue.
- Bug Fix: errors in the VanillaWindows.layout example file.
- Bug Fix: Issues of deleting a class instance that was only forward referenced.
- Bug Fix: The config option to exclude PCRE did not exclude a PCRE specific header.

- Modified: Move to system default compiler and system default OS X SDK in order that ppl are not forced into having specific versions of the dev tools installed (and by 'people', I mean me :-p)

- Added: Functions that allow people to do useful things in WindowRenderer implementations (and other places).
- Added: InventoryDemo.
- Added: Null animation name support
- Added: isAnimationPresent
- Added: Eol extension + it's settings so Windows developers don't pollute the repo with CR LF
- Added: RadioButton to Vanilla, via patches from Ident.
- Added: Checkbox to Vanilla skin, via patches from Ident.
- Added: Window::getZIndex, Window::isInFront and Window::isBehind functions to enable client code to discover z-ordering of windows.

- Documentation: Update docs to reference the mercurial repositories rather than subversion.
- Documentation: Fix typo in ImageDim example. Thanks to Ident.


CEED snapshot6

New snapshot has been released. Both archives provide testing sample data with CEGUI 0.7 and CEGUI 0.8 datafiles.

Roadmap lists a staggering number - 39 resolved issues! (a record!) Changes were mainly related to usability improvements and bug fixes. Animation editor has been started and the initial code is part of this release as well. There are still several outstanding issues regarding 0.7 asset editing, but jigsaw is finally falling into place! I am planning to do 1 or 2 more snapshot releases and then (depending on when CEGUI is released) release the first stable.

I would like to thank Pavlos Touboulidis and Chris Trenkamp for extremely valuable contributions. This release wouldn't have been even half as interesting without them!

Grab the source tarball or Windows standalone binaries at


- 0000694: [Layout editing] Font property is exported in .layout even though it's default (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000693: [Layout editing] Name property is exported in .layout files (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000665: [General] Menus and context menus should have mnemonics (pav) - resolved.
- 0000690: [General] Restructure main menu (pav) - resolved.
- 0000686: [General] Can't reopen closed editor docks (pav) - resolved.
- 0000588: [General] Add "Manual (F1)" to "Help" menu that points to CEED wiki page (pav) - resolved.
- 0000687: [Layout editing] When selecting a new widget, the current property filter is not applied (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000674: [Imageset editing] The button that browses for an image is too wide (pav) - resolved.
- 0000680: [General] Check file permissions before writing (Vax456) - resolved.
- 0000682: [Layout editing] Exception when clicking or trying to edit property NamePath (pav) - resolved.
- 0000683: [Layout editing] Rename widgets in layouts is broken (pav) - resolved.
- 0000609: [Layout editing] Widget reparenting name collision (pav) - resolved.
- 0000681: [General] Dock widgets have inconsistent/extraneous margins (pav) - resolved.
- 0000684: [Project management] Canceling the "New Project" dialog throws exception (pav) - resolved.
- 0000676: [Imageset editing] Auto reload underlying image when it changes (by an external program) (Vax456) - resolved.
- 0000679: [General] The New Project dialog should have a checkbox to create some default resource directories (Vax456) - resolved.
- 0000675: [General] Improve file system browser (pav) - resolved.
- 0000678: [General] Make CEED installable using python install (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000658: [General] Watch filesystem changes and react when file is changed outside CEED (Vax456) - resolved.
- 0000628: [Imageset editing] Renaming imageset makes the caret jump around (pav) - resolved.
- 0000581: [General] Create project dialog is too small (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000667: [General] Application settings label is not properly aligned vertically (pav) - resolved.
- 0000666: [General] Application settings "reset to default" button is too large (pav) - resolved.
- 0000602: [General] Keyboard shortcut to start filtering properties and images in imageset editor (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000664: [Layout editing] The filter reset button of the PropertySetInspector is too large (pav) - resolved.
- 0000662: [General] Add setting to change the toolbars icon size (pav) - resolved.
- 0000657: [General] Revision d2e21a5b8073: Cannot load project resources when opening/creating a project as normal user (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000661: [General] Add setting to hide the splash screen (pav) - resolved.
- 0000659: [General] Make CEED usable in multi-user environments (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000641: [Project management] Reduce height of project settings window (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000651: [General] Make sure CEED works with Xerces parser (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000507: [Imageset editing] Copy and paste image(s) (pav) - resolved.
- 0000649: [CLI tools] ceed-mic doesn't work: 'module' object has no attribute 'compiler' (pav) - resolved.
- 0000652: [General] Canceling the "Save As" dialog throws exception (pav) - resolved.
- 0000653: [Layout editing] Property filters are case sensitive on Linux (pav) - resolved.
- 0000640: [Imageset editing] Add "Duplicate Image" toolbar button (pav) - resolved.
- 0000656: [Imageset editing] Exception when saving imageset (Kulik) - resolved.
- 0000639: [Layout editing] Exception when editing property "Text" (Kulik) - resolved.