CEGUI (0.8.5) will have new OpenGL ES 2 Renderer: Support for OpenGL ES 2.X and OpenGL ES 3.X and Epoxy (alternatively to GLEW)!

User Yaron Cohen-Tal provided us with a new contribution (PR link here) adding OpenGL ES 2 and OpenGL ES 3 support via a new Renderer (OpenGL ES Renderer). This is a good base for Android, iOS, etc support!

But this is not all: The SampleBrowser now also supports GLFW3 and Epoxy can be used instead of GLEW for the GL extensions. The changes are merged into our v0-8 stable branch (link here) and are undergoing further testing. Feel free to try it out by cloning the branch or pulling the latest changes and report to us about it on our forum/IRC. We would like to hear about any issues you have with it, or any improvements you want to suggest or also feel free to just tell us if it worked nicely for you! The changes will be present in the upcoming 0.8.5 Release.

CEGUI samples running in your web browser (javascript based)!

User "iceiceice" took the CEGUI library and the Samples using OpenGL3 Core Profile Renderer and ported them to OpenGL ES2. This way he could use them with emscripten, making it possible to run CEGUI in your browser.

More Info here:

This is the link to the result: Try it out, it works really well!


Application Templates added

We got a new user contribution from lucebac that just got merged into CEGUI's v0-8 branch yesterday, which will be part of our next CEGUI Release (0.8.5).

He provided what we decided to name "application templates". The currently present application templates (based on GLFW and SDL2) are buildable using CMake for your OS and IDE of choice, just like the rest of CEGUI. The templates are small stand-alone minimal applications that use CEGUI. They serve as a great starting point for creating your own application using CEGUI or might be used as quick guidance to integrate CEGUI into an existing program.

Up to now we only had the SampleBrowser, which in itself is great for showing off samples (Be sure to check out the well-documented code of the samples to learn CEGUI) and for us to quickly test if features still work, but was not a good starting point to setting up your own CEGUI application or for explaining how CEGUI is set up. We suggest beginners to most of all, read the API docs, then to look at all samples in the SampleBrowser that are relevant to them and finally to grab the application template and see how it works.

In the future we would like to add support for more window creation systems for the application template, and maybe also a Ogre and Irrlicht based application template. User contributions are very welcome (

Also I want to remind all our users of our Ticket Issue system on bitbucket:
I was made aware recently that there are some issues that do not get reported on our forum or issue tracker by users. It is very important for us that unreported issues get reported on our issue tracker (or at least on our forum). Use the search function to look for reported issues. If the issue was already reported you may also additionally comment on it or add your vote for it, which will raise awareness. We definitely pay more attention to issues (and also suggested features) with more votes, since this shows they are likely to be relevant to more people.

Discuss the news here


For those who haven't visited it yet, check out CEGUI on Open HUB:

It contains interesting information about the CEGUI project, its commits, contributors and a lot of statistics.


CEGUI (as part of Worldforge) was not accepted for GSoC2015

Unfortunately we were not accepted for Google Summer of Code 2015.

We had 3 successful years of participation, with a 100% completion rate and we are very thankful for that.
Ogre3D was neither accepted this year nor last year. Mozilla also apparently didn't make it. It seems that a lot less organisations were accepted this year (2015) compared to 2014.

The accepted organisations can be seen here:

CEGUI issue tracker now on bitbucket!

Timotei has finished moving the issue tracker from our mantis page to bitbucket. All issues have been migrated with their original IDs, attachments, contents and comments.

The CEGUI issue tracker can be found here:
and the CEED issue tracker here:

Our old mantis page will stay online in read-only mode. Remember that the IDs of mantis tickets are identical to the IDs of the bitbucket if you want to access the new ticket, e.g. : <- migrated from
You need to select the right project on bitbucket first when you do that (i.e. CEGUI or CEED or SILLY)

Here is our twitter tweet:

Feel free to create new issues at our new issue trackers (but please only use it only for bugs/features requests etc and not for support requests and stick with the layout ;) )!

IMPORTANT: Call for bitbucket user names for the CEGUI issues migration from mantis to bitbucket

All current mantis tickets have been migrated to bitbucket issue tracker. Therefore, we call all people who care that their past CEGUI mantis ticket submissions are attributed to their bitbucket accounts, to tell us their CEGUI and bitbucket user names: just write to team (at ) cegui . org . uk - We will then correctly link all comments and reports to the supplied account.

We give users 3 days to notify us. Until then our new issue tracker will not go public. Our old issue tracker will remain online for the next months as READ-ONLY, until we decide to remove it entirely. For now, this means you will not be able to post new issues until the 3 days are over: The new issue tracker goes online on Monday 23rd Feb 2015

So again: Everyone who wants their tickets attributed to their bitbucket account (otherwise it will just say "anonymous" and underneath "original author: XXX") should notify us.

Thank you!

Sorry for the website downtime!

First we had issues with the DNS because of the domain hoster which changed things without notifying us. (great job!). It took us some time to resolve the issue because CrazyEddie's e-mail was not reachable because it was part of this domain and this was the only contact we had of him. I took a while until we found some other e-mail of his, after days of stalking him using search engines.

Btw., in cases like this it is good to check our twitter for updates:

After we had resolved our issues we noticed that our site may still contain backdoors (from the drupal hack-wave in october 2014) and we actually found malicious files there as well as an altered google cache, manipulated php files and finally decided to completely roll back our entire database by months and re-add all news manually. This whole process took us a while. I did the finishing touches today, so everything is up again.

On a completely different note: We are going to remove mantis and move all tickets to the bitbucket issue tracker. In the future users can file tickets there. We believe this will be better for our users.


Happy New Year!

Slight headache after waking up, the limbs feeling stiff after a short night's sleep, small patches of cookie dust sparsely spread around the mouth, the sensation in the mouth that grossly reminds of past sparkly wine consumption, ones hair smelling like short-term exposition to ridiculously high amounts of fine dust pollution: This all is clear evidence to me, that the last year has very recently drawn to its end and I have successfully (and alive) managed to enter a new year, again!

Somewhere along these lines, but actually completely unrelated to them, the entire CEGUI team wishes you all a successful, healthy and overall superior year 2015!

About CEGUI in 2015: The plans for this year for us are mainly revolving around the upcoming 1.0 Release (Q3 or Q4) as well as continuing support and bug-fixes for the 0.8 versions. The 1.0 developmental version already offers a lot of new great features, so that we really wish to release this version as soon as possible, of course we have to finish and test all new and planned features before that. See Martin's and my Todo list on the wiki if you are curious about some of the features we still have to add / rework for the Release or check the forum, the last GSoC topics or chat with us on #cegui.

Also we recently enabled file attachment uploads in our Forum. This will make it easier to show screenshots or describing issues in the future!


CEGUI site has been hacked on 13th November 2014

our site has been hacked on 13th November 2014. I have restored the site and updated to Drupal 7.33. We have no way of knowing what was leaked, so we assume everything was leaked. The passwords in our database are stored in a secure way and are not simply retrievable using rainbow tables or similar. Either way we advise you to change your passwords just to be absolutely safe! We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

As far as I can tell was the exploit used. It's curious that I can see somebody gaining access on 13th November even though the embargo was lifted on 15th November. I will continue to monitor the situation.