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Welcome to the CEGUI Community Wiki

Welcome to the official CEGUI community Wiki. All users are encouraged to contribute! This is a community driven wiki, which serves as an addition to the official API documentation.

To contribute to the wiki, please login with your forum account (registration is easy!). To improve the API documentation, create a pull request on our bitbucket repository.

All news, releases and more can be found on the official CEGUI website.

Getting CEGUI

Working with CEGUI

CEGUI for Content Creators

  • CEED - The official tool for CEGUI
  • Tools: Gather the tools that can help you with the creation of your GUI
  • "Falagard" Skinning System Documentation: All you ever wanted to know on falagard skinning system (and more)
  • XML File formats: Description of all XML file format used in CEGUI
  • Skins: (WIP) Find some existing skins. There are more on the forums.


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