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This page lists finished projects which make use of the CEGUI library. The intros are mostly quoted from the original locations.


Open source

  • Ember A GPL 3d client for the Worldforge system
  • Ryzom MMORPG that recently got released under AGPL (including all art!)
  • Secret Maryo Chronicles A GPL 2D platform game using SDL and OpenGL.
  • Summoning Wars open source role-playing game, featuring both a single-player and a multiplayer mode for about 2 to 8 players
  • Orxonox open source spacecraft shooter that plays in the post-apocalyptic world of our future
  • OGS Mahjong is a simple mahjong solitaire game with nice 3D graphics and relaxing soundtrack
  • Open Dungeons OpenDungeons is an open source game based on the Dungeon Keeper series of games with a different story and new creatures.
  • Thunder&Lightning An Open Source Futuristic Action Flight Simulator Game Inspired By Carrier Command



  • City Car Driving is designed to help users feel the car driving in ? big city or in a country
  • 2015 Lecture notes including CEGUI - CEGUI was introduced in lecture notes of 2015: University of Texas at Austin CS 354R – Game Technology - S. Abraham


  • Multi Theft Auto: SA Third party mod for GTA3: San Andreas providing multiplayer
  • IV:M Third party mod for GTA4 providing multiplayer


  • Cube Combat 3D Bomberman like game, supporting up to 4 player through lan or internet.
  • OpenGate Opengate is an open source remake of the game Jumpgate©
  • Smootsy A MMO Social Network 3D Game using Ogre


  • PsychoSynth aims to create an interactive modular soft-synth inspired by the ideas of the Reactable.
  • NAVIT is a car navigation system with routing engine.
  • MMiX.Me 3D Media Player for Microsoft Windows.
  • Nightshade Nightshade is simulation and visualization software for teaching and exploring astronomy, Earth science, and related topics. Download this incredible software for free.

Engines and frameworks

The Delta3D Open Source Game Engine

The Delta3D Game Engine integrates the functionality of CEGUI, allowing users to have robust user interfaces active in their applications. The Delta3D Game Engine was an early adopter of the CEGUI technology and has contributed to its development over the years.

For more information, see

Reality factory

Reality Factory is a program that, in conjunction with other tools, allows you to create first- and third- person perspective games - without programming!

CEGUI is used in version 2.0 and upwards. More at and

Game related tools

TeamSpeak 3 overlay

TeamSpeak 3 overlay is an injection engine that displays TeamSpeak activities (e.g. when people are talking) while in-game.

For more information, check

OGRE particle editor

"The OGRE Particle Editor is a real-time visual particle system editor. It is a tool that provides the ability to rapidly create OGRE particle system templates that can be used in any OGRE driven application. The effects are stored and loaded as templates via standard OGRE particle scripts (*.particle)."

It can be downloaded here.

And the manual can be found here.

Nimble 3D

Nimble is WMI's second realtime visualization product. Based on advanced physics models, Nimble follows in its predecessor's footsteps and delivers another first in simulation graphics- truly photorealistic 3D clouds, completely in realtime

For more information, see