Adding ImageSets to the CEGUI LayoutEditor 0.6.X

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Written for CEGUI 0.6

Works with versions 0.6.x (obsolete)

If you have made your own Imageset which you'd like to access from the CELayoutEditor, you need to place it in your corresponding datafiles directory.

To find your directory, open your CELayoutEditor.ini file and look for this line:

ImagesetsPath=C:\Program Files\CELayoutEditor 0.6.3b\datafiles/imagesets/

(If you don't have an INI file yet, launch the editor at least once. More details can be found in the editor's manual).

Copy your own Imageset file (including the actual image which it uses!) to that directory and restart the editor. Now it will 'pick it up' automatically, like it does for fonts as well.

Finally, to use an image in the editor, goto the property grid (in the dialog) and use the following format:

"set:setName image:imgName"

Where 'setName' is equal to the 'name=xxx' part in your XML file, and the image is one of the defined images by name. Just like you'd do in a layout file directly or in code via the 'setProperty' method for images.