Build configuration for Irrlicht

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Written for CEGUI 0.7

Works with versions 0.7.x (obsolete)

Windows MSVC++ 2005/2008 users:

To compile (for example) CEGUI DLLs and library files to work with Irrlicht 1.7.1 version or above, follow the instructions in the docs on downloading the source, then:

  • Change these options in config.lua:

IRRLICHT_PATHS = { "../irrlicht-1.7.1", "include", "../lib/Win32-visualstudio" }
(note: this assumes you have Irrlicht 1.7.1 in the same directory as your Irrlicht SDK/source. For example, "C:/mygame/CEGUI-SDK-0.7.1-vc9" and "C:/mygame/irrlicht-1.7.1") CEGUI_IRR_SDK_VERSION = 16

  • Run build_vs2005.bat / build_vs2008.bat.
  • Compile both the LIB and DLL versions of "CEGUIBase.dll" and "CEGUIIrrlichtRenderer.dll" with MSVC++ 2005/2008. You may need to rebuild all the DLLs/LIBs you are using.
  • Copy these from CEGUI-0.7.1/bin and CEGUI-0.7.1\lib to the SDK bin and lib files.
  • Compile your program.
  • With slight changes in the instruction and options, the same compilation method applies to Mac/Linux/GCC users, or even other graphics engine users.