Porting tips and changes from 0.7.X to 0.8.X

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Written for CEGUI 0.7

Works with versions 0.7.x (obsolete)


The 0.8.x branch has already seen releases. Please see the sourceforge page for tarball downloads.

Major renames/API changes

  • FalagardWRBase was renamed to CoreWindowRendererSet
  • Windows now don't have absolute names! Every window's name only has to be unique in it's parent window. Therefore WindowManager::getSingleton().getWindow no longer made sense and was removed. If root's name was "Root" and your the window name was "Root/Stuff/After/Root/Name", you can emulate its behaviour with root->getChild("Stuff/After/Root/Name"). It's recommended to migrate to a more encapsulated model.
  • CEGUI::GUIContext class has been created that is responsible for injecting input and event handling, setting the default font, setting the root window, setting a default tooltip object and type, and manipulating the mouse cursor.
  • CEGUI::GUIContext needs time impulses injected separately! You should also inject time pulses into CEGUI::System. This API "wart" may disappear in future versions.
  • CEGUI::MouseCursor is no longer a singleton, and can be accessed and manipulated from CEGUI::GUIContext.


  • All XML attributes must now be in lowercase, e.g. <WidgetLook Name="TaharezLook/FrameWindow"> must be <WidgetLook name="TaharezLook/FrameWindow">
  • PropertyHelper has been turned into a template class, instead of PropertyHelper::uintToString you do PropertyHelper<uint>::toString, instead of PropertyHelper::stringToUint you do PropertyHelper<uint>::fromString
  • All instances of the word caret that were incorrectly spelt 'carat' have been corrected. This affects all APIs, properties, events and datafiles.
  • Window::EventWindowUpdated renamed to Window::EventUpdated and the associated string is changed from "WindowUpdate" to "Updated"
  • ListHeader::SegmentNameSuffix changed type from character array to CEGUI::String
  • BiDiVisualMapping renamed to BidiVisualMapping. Also renamed the files, so CEGUIBiDiVisualMapping.h is now CEGUIBidiVisualMapping.h
  • class colour renamed to Colour, as a side effect the "colour" interpolator is now "Colour" interpolator, this breaks animation definitions!
  • Point typedef removed, please use Vector2 instead
  • Many event string values changed to match the C++ name (but without the Event prefix). A list of which strings changed value will appear here soon.
  • Window::setRestoreCapture renamed to Window::setRestoreOldCapture
  • CEGUI now supports custom memory allocation, see Memory Allocation to check if this concerns you or not.
  • Window::addChildWindow renamed to Window::addChild, Window::removeChildWindow renamed to Window::removeChild, several other methods (mostly in layout containers) changed from *ChildWindow* to *Child*
  • CEGUI::String can now be just a typedef or a class, depending on String configuration (CEGUI can now use std::string as CEGUI::String for apps not requiring unicode)
  • Window::getChild_impl method completely removed, it was only used by Window::getParentPixelSize, shouldn't be hard to replace
  • Vector2, Vector3, Size and Rect are now templated, you should use Vector2<float> (or just Vector2<> as a shortcut since float is the default type) instead of Vector2, UVector2 class was removed, UVector2 is now just a typedef to Vector2<UDim>. Same with Vector3, Size and Rect.
  • Texture::saveToMemory is renamed Texture::blitToMemory.
  • Renderer and Texture interfaces changed in order to support named textures.
  • Window::isDisabled(localOnly) is now split into Window::isDisabled (= old isDisabled(true) and Window::isEffectiveDisabled (= old isDisabled(false))
  • Window::isVisible(localOnly) is now split into Window::isVisible (= old isDisabled(true) and Window::isEffectiveVisible (= old isVisible(false))
  • WindowManager::loadWindowLayout is renamed to WindowManager::loadLayoutFromFile
  • NamedXMLResourceManager::create is renamed to NamedXMLResourceManager::createFromFile (Ex. CEGUI::SchemeManager::createFromFile)
  • CEGUI::DefaultLogger no longer throws const char* but a real exception in setLogFilename - http://www.cegui.org.uk/mantis/view.php?id=443
  • CEGUI now has inbuilt copy, cut, paste support, if you used a custom solution, you might want to check CEGUI::Clipboard and System::inject{Copy,Cut,Paste}Request
  • CEGUI::ProgressBar::getStep renamed to getStepSize for consistency with setStepSize
  • CEGUI::WidgetLookManager::parseLookNFeelSpecification is now called parseLookNFeelSpecificationFromFile, variants for loading from string and raw data container have been added
  • XRotation, YRotation, ZRotation properties merged into the new Rotation property, which is a Quaternion.

Property Name Changes

  • Property from Window called "ZOrderChangeEnabled" renamed to "ZOrderingEnabled"
  • Property from Window called "MouseButtonDownAutoRepeat" renamed to "MouseAutoRepeatEnabled"
  • Property from Window called "CustomTooltipType" renamed to "TooltipType"
  • Property from Window called "Tooltip" renamed to "TooltipText"
  • Property from Window called "RiseOnClick" renamed to "RiseOnClickEnabled"
  • Property from Window called "UnifiedAreaRect" renamed to "Area", "UnifiedSize" renamed to "Size", etc...
  • Property "MaxEditTextLength" renamed to "MaxTextLength"

Event Name Changes

  • EventMouseEnters renamed to EventMouseEntersSurface (old name removed)
  • EventMouseLeaves renamed to EventMouseLeavesSurface (old name removed)
  • CheckStateChanged renamed to SelectStateChanged (for ToggleButton (old Checkbox))

Image and ImageManager

  • Image::draw renamed to Image::render
  • Image class is now an abstract interface. BasicImage implementation is provided, and used for internally created Image objects.
  • Imageset class is removed. It remains a CEGUI format that allows to conveniently define multiple images on one texture but the data is no longer stored in any class. When Imageset is loaded, the ImageManager creates a new BasicImage for each of the images in the imageset. Only the images themselves will remain after imageset is loaded. You now use the new ImageManager to access defined images.
  • ImagesetManager class is removed. You now use the new ImageManager.
  • Images belonging to a certain imageset can be accessed like so: "ImageSetName/ImageName" (ex. "AlfiskoSkin/MouseArrow").


A lot of API has been moved from CEGUI::System to CEGUI::GUIContext. CEGUI now allows you to create multiple independent GUI contexts with their own input injection.

As a rule of thumb, whenever you see "There is no CEGUI::System::some_foobar_method method", it is likely that you can replace the call with CEGUI::System::getSingleton().getDefaultGUIContext().someFoobarMethod(). This holds for all the System::inject* methods for example.

Exceptions from the rule:

  • CEGUI::System::getSingleton().renderGUI() → CEGUI::System::getSingleton().renderAllGUIContexts()
  • CEGUI::System::getSingleton().setDefaultMouseCursor("TaharezLook", "MouseArrow") ? CEGUI::System::getSingleton().getDefaultGUIContext().getMouseCursor().setDefaultImage("TaharezLook/MouseArrow")
  • CEGUI::System::getSingleton().setGUISheet(root) → CEGUI::System::getSingleton().getDefaultGUIContext().setRootWindow(root)

WindowManager::getSingleton().getWindow() was removed. You can emulate its behaviour with root->getChild("Stuff/After/Root/Name"). To get Root Window you can call GUIContext::getRootWindow();

SIDE NOTE: The chain call of methods CEGUI::System::getSingleton().getDefaultGUIContext() should be called as rarely as possible, instead one should keep it's result in appropriate variable.


  • EventSet.subscribeEvent now has a different, more pythonic syntax, any python callable (bound member function, free function, lambda, functor, ...) is allowed (EventSet.subscribeEvent("EventName", instance, "someMethodInIt") is now EventSet.subscribeEvent("EventName", instance.someMethodInIt)


  • All XML datafiles must specify a version attribute. Example: <GUILayout version="4">
  • All attributes in datafiles must begin with a lower-case letter. Example: <Property name="Alpha" value="1.0" />
  • See Property Name Changes and Event Name Changes above
  • .looknfeel:
    • <Falagard version="7">
    • old: <Image type="TopEdge" imageset="TaharezLook" image="TitlebarTop" />
      new: <Image component="TopEdge" name="TaharezLook/TitlebarTop" />
    • Change: MaxEditTextLength → MaxTextLength
    • Change: MouseButtonDownAutoRepeat → MouseAutoRepeatEnabled
    • Change: DimOperator → OperatorDim. Please compare 0.7.9 with latest for functional change description
      • old formatting: VALUE1 { DIMOPERATOR() { VALUE2 } }
        new formatting: OPERATORDIM() { VALUE1, VALUE2 }
  • .scheme:
    • <GUIScheme name="MySkin" version="5">
    • Change: <WindowRendererSet Filename="CEGUIFalagardWRBase" /> → <WindowRendererSet filename="CEGUICoreWindowRendererSet" />
    • Change: renderer="Falagard/... → renderer="Core/...
    • Change: "Core/SystemButton" → "Core/Button"
    • Change: "CEGUI/Checkbox" → "CEGUI/ToggleButton"
  • .layout:
    • <GUILayout version="4">
    • UnifiedPosition, UnifiedAreaRect, UnifiedSize, UnifiedMinSize, UnifiedMaxSize → Position, Area, Size, MinSize, MaxSize
    • Tooltip → TooltipText
    • old: <Property name="Image" value="set:Buttons image:Settings" />
      new: <Property name="Image" value="Buttons/Settings" />
  • .imageset:
    • <Imageset version="2" ... />
  • .font:
    • <Font version="3" ... />