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Written for CEGUI 0.8

Works with versions 0.8.x (stable)

Works with latest CEGUI stable!

Written by Nickenstein79 (Working correctly as of 11th June, 2014)

If you have built CEED yourself (Guide here: , Windows-specific Guide here:

Then you can migrate your old CEGUI_0.7.x data files to be compatible with CEGUI_0_8 by running "python ceed-migrate [params]" or by creating a batch file similar to the runwrapper.bat file in your CEED\bin folder to process all of your old data files into the new format.


The version of ceed-migrate that comes with 'CEED-Snapshot11' has known bugs and is very likely to fail when converting your data. So it is currently recommended that you build CEED yourself to get the latest bug-fixes. Follow the above mentioned guides for building your own fresh install of CEED.

Python ceed-migrate examples

   python ceed-migrate --sourceType "CEGUI layout 3" --targetType "CEGUI layout 4" layout MainMenu_0_7.layout MainMenu_0_8.layout
   python ceed-migrate scheme TaharezLook.scheme TaharezLook_0_8.scheme
   python ceed-migrate looknfeel TaharezLook.looknfeel TaharezLook_0_8.looknfeel
   python ceed-migrate font TimesNewRoman_12.font TimesNewRoman_12___V_0_8.font

If you use a pre-built version such as the 0.8.0 CEED Release then you have to call the commands without the "python" at the beginning.

Migrating multiple files

If you use the Windows command line (cmd) and you got CEED from the repository, you may run "bin/runwrapper.bat" after removing the "python ceed-gui" line at the end. This will give you a CMD with all paths set that you need. You may now change to the directory with your files, e.g.:

cd C:/CEGUI/datafiles/fonts

and then run a command to check if you can do a for loop fetching all files, e.g.:

for /R %f in (*.font) do echo %f

If you see that only the file paths you want to migrate are written to console you may proceed to use the migrate command (watch out, this will not work if there are spaces in the path)

for /R %f in (*.font) do python C:\CEED\bin\ceed-migrate font %f %fcopy

Check if the .fontcopy files are providing the migrated version of the file as expected. If this is the case, then we can go on to delete the original files and rename the copies to the original names:

del *.font ren *.fontcopy *.font