Creating a sub image

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Written for CEGUI 0.5

Works with versions 0.5.x (obsolete)

Written for CEGUI 0.6

Works with versions 0.6.x (obsolete)

Written for CEGUI 0.7

Works with versions 0.7.x (obsolete)

I found that it might be useful to be able to create a subimage from an image. Say for instance u have a minimap created from a file, and you want to be able to zoom it. For this purpose it's best to use a subimage from the map. Basically this code can be used to complete that task:

//this function is just called to show the imageloading from a file, and selecting a subpart of the image
void GUIHud::createMMap()
	//load in a file, replace with your own file
	CEGUI::Texture* texture = mGUIRenderer->createTexture("Ground1.bmp");
	//create a new imageset with an image that spans the entire texture
	CEGUI::Imageset* set = CEGUI::ImagesetManager::getSingleton().createImageset((CEGUI::utf8*)"ExampleImageSet",texture);
	//create a new window for this stuff and link the created image to it
	CEGUI::StaticImage* renderTarget = (CEGUI::StaticImage*)CEGUI::WindowManager::getSingleton().createWindow((CEGUI::utf8*)"SEM/StaticImage", (CEGUI::utf8*)"BaseWindow");
	renderTarget->setSize(CEGUI::Size(0.3f, 0.4f));
        renderTarget->setPosition(CEGUI::Point(0.6, 0.6));
	/*this function replaces the image with the new coordinates passed with it, which selects a subimage,
	 and replaces the given image with the newly created one */
	//should not be necessary, if anything weird appears try redrawing the image
//this function replaces the image in the given imageset with the new coordinates that are passed with this function
void GUIHud::createSubImage(CEGUI::String imageSetName,CEGUI::String imageName, CEGUI::Point start, CEGUI::Size size,CEGUI::Point offset)
	CEGUI::Imageset* curr_imageset = CEGUI::ImagesetManager::getSingleton().getImageset(imageSetName);
	CEGUI::Texture* texture = curr_imageset->getTexture();

this code was written with Ogre, but the main lines of it should be clear i think.