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CELayoutEditor1 (wxWidgets, C++) is no longer being developed. Instead CrazyEddie has created CELayoutEditor2 in python and Qt, using PyCEGUI to interface with CEGUI.

Whilst the code is alpha quality and your experience may be rough with some crashing, etc... I personally believe that the editor is more usable and has a much quicker workflow than the old one. Since PyCEGUI is officially packaged as a MSI file, it's fairly easy to get the editor running on Windows.

1) download and install Python 2.6.6 - the 32bit version for Windows (I will be focusing on Python 2.6, I have had some weird issues with 2.7 but your mileage may vary)
2) download and install PyQt4 - binary 32bit package for Windows and Python 2.6
3) download and install PyOpenGL - it has one universal package for all python versions
4) download and install PyCEGUI - 0.7.5, version for python 2.6

Now you have all the dependencies installed and the whole environment is setup up.

Checkout the CELE2 sources (using Mercurial) from into a folder called CELE2. Right now you should have a CELE2 folder with several files inside (LICENSE, AUTHORS, etc...) and a folder called "layouteditor" inside.

5) run layouteditor/ (this will convert .ui files to .py)

Since CELE2 is a pure python application, you will need a simple bat file to start it, unless you intend to always start it from the command line.

Create a file called start.bat in the same folder files LICENSE and AUTHORS is. Edit it and insert this inside: "C:\Python26\python.exe layouteditor/", save and double click it (I assume python 2.6 is installed at the default location). CELE2 should pop up.

Remember to keep pull changes from mercurial as improvements/bugfixes get upstream. We would appreciate any bug reports/patches/fixes, please submit them to CEGUI mantis tracker