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Open Tasks

  • Split OpenGL Renderer into OpenGL and OpenGL3 Renderer while sharing common files
  • Merge CoreWindowRenderer into CEGUI base and maybe some of the other CEGUI libs as well (?)
  • "we should do a better job at guessing paths in the sample browser though. I wanted to look into that"
  • replace Vector2f, Vector3f and Quaternion with glm classes"
  • Changed tooltips completely to be animations, so that you can define where and how they appear via XML: TooltipShow, TooltipHide and TooltipTransition

Done (good job! very nice! awesome job! [insert more praises here])

  • Fix the PyCEGUI bindings for the PropertyDefinitions, PropertyLinkDefinitions, etc
  • "we probably should add code examples to EventSet
    mpreisler how to bind a free function, class method, how to use it with boost::bind and C++ lambdas"
  • Merge all sample dlls of the SampleBrowser into a single executable (done by lucebac)