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There are a lot of files that go into creating a GUI with CEGUI. Here is an overview (thanks to lindquist for the original version). An expanded version of this brief overview would be quite useful.

Overview of CEGUI resource files

.imageset Files

An imageset is an xml file describing a set of images contained in an image file. When an imageset is loaded, images from that file become available to the application via the ImageManager.

Editor: CEED

Scheme files

A scheme file is an xml file describing the binding of widgets defined in a looknfeel file and the base Falagard widget set. Once loaded the components in the scheme file are available via the WindowManager. A detailed description of Scheme files is also available.

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.looknfeel Files

These are also xml files, which define the visual aspect of widgets declared in the scheme file.

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.layout Files

A layout file is also in xml format. It describes a set of widgets to create and their positions, sizes, and other attributes. Basically this describes the final on-screen layout of your GUI, hence the name.

Editor: CEED

.font Files

These simple xml files give the location of a font file (like a TrueType .ttf file) and define a few extra properties about how CEGUI should use that font.


About Falagard Skinning System

Falagard is the part of the API that makes it possible to create a completely new set of widgets (at the visual level) from XML files.

You can, with a looknfeel, describe a widget and make it appear as you want (by using images defined in some imageset) and finally bind it to one of the widgets from a Falagard Base widget set in a scheme file.

Link: Falagard skinning system for CEGUI

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